us mobile data

Q1 US Mobile data revenue slid into negative growth

The rise of unlimited mobile data plans and intense price competition, push US Mobile data revenues into the red For the first time in 17...
India’s Jio

Can India’s Jio keep the party going?

Will India’s Jio suffer a post free-data hangover? When a service is free, you can't really complain. Or rather, when a service is free anything...
FCC website

FCC website crashes – DDoS or John Oliver?

Privacy advocacy group Fight for the Future is questioning the claims that the FCC website crashed due to a DDoS attack A DDoS attack, and...
Title II rollback

Title II rollback and Chairman Pai’s prolific first 100 days

Chairman Pai sets wheels in motion for Title II rollback Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai has had a very busy first 100 days. He...

Uber Sued Over “Hell” Tracking Program

Uber pushed back on allegations that it tracked former users even after they deleted the app from their iPhones. If ever you needed more evidence...
net neutrality feedback

FCC chairman looking for net neutrality feedback from Silicon Valley

Ajit Pai was looking to gain net neutrality feedback from several big tech companies he met with this week The meeting included companies such as...

Verizon is looking for a prom partner, but not just anyone

Verizon eyes Comcast, Walt Disney or CBS for growth If anyone needed any more evidence that that traditional telecoms model is breaking down, then look...




zero-rating debate

Zero-rating Debate Comes to Korea

The zero-rating debate is expected to flare up in Korea Our last update on SK Telecom’s partnership with Pokémon (Here) is expected to kick off...
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