Will 2015 be the year of Big Data Monetization for Telcos?


Big Question #2 for 2015 – Will operators succeed in monetizing some of that Big Data they’re hoarding away?  With the Big Data on Gartner’s slide into disillusionment (always found that a tad melodramatic) will operators figure out how to monetize at least some of it during 2015?

Kraft harnessing big data for advertising

Verizon’s case study in big data monetization

At Informa’s Telco Big Data conference last month in Barcelona the overriding repose from the operators folks that I spoke with was the plethora of use case coming were already taxing the system.  Many operator big data folks seem overwhelmed and sifting through the overabundance use cases to find the one (or few) that they can really productize is not easy.

I talked with operators about a bunch of uses cases focused on internal process optimization and cost savings.  While very exciting to some, my interest lies more in the external monetization opportunities.  It’s the use cases around data-driven interaction with customers and the productization of the data that I find the most interesting.

Take Verizon for example.  They have made some big strides in this area with their Precision Market Insights.  Precision utilizes big data collected from Verizon’s network to create targeted advertising campaigns.   For example, one of their case study campaigns is by Kraft.  The particular campaign pushed Kraft Lunchables, a pre-packaged meals for kids.  The campaign targeted specifically Mothers of 6-11 year old children.  While I am not sure I would be feeding my kids this stuff, the results were impressive (use case here)


  • Leveraging the accuracy and scale of the Precision ID, the Precision campaign successfully extended Kraft Lunchable’s reach and added 80 percent incremental mobile uniques to the baseline audience. This was 13x higher than the other mobile targeting provider running at the same time.
  • The cost per unique user with Precision was 23 percent lower than the other targeting provider.

While there have been some good initial steps in productization and customer engagement, one feels that the majority of the big data collected by operators is still floating around in a data lake somewhere.  Will 2015 be the year where the big data monetization rubber meets the road?

More here… [Verizon’s Precision]



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