Is Netflix the House of Cards?

Is Netflix the House of Cards?

Netflix is changing the game for ISPSs
Netflix continues its global expansion is having real impact on ISPs

The Year of NetFlix! Love em or hate, there is little to argue about here; Netflix continues its meteoric rise.

Just last week, Netflix received 34 Emmy nominations — more than ever before for its critically acclaimed “House of Cards,” “Orange Is the New Black,” “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” “Bloodline,” and “Grace and Frankie.”

Fresh off a federal net neutrality ruling that protects the streaming giant from cable company sabotage for years to come, the father of binge-watching is trading at an all-time high, using nearly all of its profits to fuel an ambitious worldwide expansion. Last week, the company reported quarterly earnings that surpassed Wall Street’s expectations and reported 3.3 million new subscribers — surpassing the company’s own projections.

The global expansion of Netflix will continue apace, with the company estimating it will reach 200 countries by the end of 2016 and generate profits globally by 2017. The recent launch in Australia is a case in point – the results far surpassed the company expectations.

Aussie ISPs pre-empted the spike in demand for data by upping their data caps and offering unmetered deals on partner streaming services, so consumers could binge on Orange Is The New Black or Better Call Saul without busting their entire data allowance in a night.

One has to think that the continued success of Netflix is just going to put more pressure on the operators.  In addition the considerable rise in traffic, they continue to name and shame operators who can’t or wont’ measure up (here).  Surely this model is surely not sustainable!  Will the house of cards come tumbling down?

More Here [Bloomberg] & [SMH]

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