Taiwanese operators start their own 4G data price war


Chunghwa Telecom introduces new 4G deals

The latest move comes from Chunghwa as yesterday they announced its new data price war4G data pricing plans.  The offerings boast more data and lower costs in a bid to increase market share.  The new offerings come hot on the heels on the lead from Taiwan Star who announced new 4G plans earlier in the week.  Taiwan Mobile also responded saying new plans will be available starting next month with a 2-year unlimited contract on 4G.  Far EasTone is planning a later run while waiting for the country’s National Communications Commission to give the OK.

  • With growing competition in the 4G market, Chunghwa Telecom (CHT, 中華電信) yesterday announced its new 4G data plan deals, increasing allowed data use while lowering prices, hoping to attract more customers.
  • Since obtaining the 4G license, CHT has investment a great deal of time and effort in setting up 4G infrastructure, said the company’s Mobile Business Group President Lin Guo-fong (林國豐). Many of its goals in fact have been completed ahead of schedule, and can therefore provide better 4G service to customers.
  • Far EasTone will soon roll out 4G services running on both 700 HMz and 1800 Mhz frequencies. The new service is expected to hit the market in September. It will be the first company in Taiwan to do provide 4G service at two frequencies.
  • Taiwan Mobile (台灣大哥大) also announced its new 4G data plan yesterday. Starting next month, those who sign up for a 2-year-plan or 30-month contract at a price of NT$1399, will enjoy unlimited 4G use as well as free calling within the Taiwan Mobile network.

More Here…  [The China Post]

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