Telefónica Big Data Director urges EU to level the OTT Playing Field

Telefónica urges Europe to create a more transparent market Following our earlier post today regarding Vodafone India’s CEO comments on evening up the playing field, a similar request has been issued by Telefónica’s Big Data Director Richard Benjamins. Benjamins has urged the European Union to unify the continent’s telecoms...

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Netflix has doubts regarding AT&T/DirecTV merger – Surprised?

Netflix Seeks OVD Conditions on AT&T/DirecTV Netflix has notified the FCC that the merger should not be given the green light if there are no provisions for guarding against anti-competitive behavior.  Netflix suggests potential anti-competitive practices may include paid peering and data caps. AT&T and Netflix have traded words in...

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MTS India goes Bollywood in a short way

MTS to offer free movies to data, smartphone customers MTS is jumping on the OTT bandwagon by offering a catalog of short films and encouraging further content creation by subscribers.  MTS is hoping this move will help push their data plan take up and push non-voice revenue contributions.  It...

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T-Mobile gives Music a Free Ride

Six more streaming music services join T-Mobile’s Music Freedom program While it’s clear to me that there must be some kind of commercial relationship going on here, the nature is not exactly clear.  While OTT Collaboration is definitely underway, I recall Grandma always used to say “There ain’t no...

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