Starhub offers ebook subscription services

This week Starhub in Singapore have partnered with Bookmate to launch a subscription-based e-book reading service.

Strahub offering eBook library

Starhub adds Books to Digital Lifestyle

$16 per month will give subscribers premium offline/online access to over 500M books including new releases in 9 languages.  This seems like a fairly hefty price tag for an e-library card, considering Spotify offers its premium music catalogue at $10 per month.  For Starhub it’s about expanding its digital content and catering for customer’s digital lifestyles.

Imagine half a million books in your pocket… Hmm.. sound familiar?

Bookmate is a Russian venture that is attempting to become the Spotify of the book world.  Launched in 2010 as a personal eBook cloud library, Bookmate is now an eBook subscription service with advanced social functionality, available across all mobile and tablet platforms.  The social component gives you book buddies and lets you see what your friends are reading.  Earlier this year Bookmate raises $3m in Series A funding for international rollout.

“Singapore consumers are fast growing accustomed to getting easy access to an unfettered catalogue of premium online content, for instance, video and music streaming, across multiple devices for a flat monthly fee. This advancement is changing the way people consume content, and we believe the time is ripe to bring this same convenience to book fans, providing a timely boost to Singapore’s ebook scene,” says Michael Sim, lead futurist of entertainment at i3 (Innovation, Investment, Incubation), StarHub.

Happy reading….  More Here… [Starhub]

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