Operators partner for OTT content – Verizon on Video; Comcast on Games

Operators partner for OTT content – Verizon on Video; Comcast on Games

OTT content race under way?
OTT content partnership: Verizon turn to Vice for video

In the case you thought operators were giving up their Iron Throne without a fight, think again.  Two major US operators have launched/announced deals to partner with OTT content providers.

Comcast has partnered with EA to launch a new streaming game platform called “XFINITY Games powered by EA. “We’ve always said the X1 Platform can deliver experiences beyond movies and shows. And today, we’re unveiling XFINITY Games powered by EA, a new beta that showcases another dimension of the potential of X1,” Comcast chief business development officer Sam Schwartz said in a statement.

They are targeting the casual and family gamer.  The BIG question of course is… Will this count towards my data cap? The answer… Yes, if you have one. “This is all internet content, so it’s coming across in the same way as if you use your iPad on your home network it would be internet content,” Witkowski said. “We think it’s a reasonable amount. So if you live in an area that has any sort of data measurement — we’re running some experiments across the country, it’s not broadly the case — then that would fall under internet content.”

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Verizon on the other hand has partnered with Vice to bring original, exclusive content to Verizon’s OTT offering.  The multi-year deal will see Vice will develop, produce, and deliver both U.S.- and internationally-based programming for Verizon to deliver to subscribers to its upcoming video service. Vice will provide some original videos from its various digital verticals, including Munchies (which covers food), Motherboard (tech), and Vice Sports. Also on deck from Vice for Verizon’s OTT service is a celebrity-interview series Autobiographies.

This is a clear attempt to go after the cord-cutting generation.  It was noted here that the pay-TV industry has lost more subscribers in Q1 2015 than it ever has in the first three months of a year in the industry’s entire history.  OTT Content is becoming the mainstream for a whole generation.

“Vice is connecting with an entire generation in a way that no one else is, and Verizon will connect consumers to Vice in a way that no one else does by combining Vice’s storytelling with the most compelling mobile video platform,” Denson said to Variety.

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