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A blog entry earlier this week on Airtel Nigeria’s Trybes (here) caused a mini-feedback storm.  Several readers and industry colleagues sent me examples innovative digital lifestyle pricing plans.  This one comes complements of Smart in the Philippines.  Smart offers subscribers many innovative data pricing plans, put together by some savvy marketing folks that really understand the uniqueness of their market and the lifestyle of their customers.

data pricing plans from 5 peso/day

Smart data pricing plans

Smart are currently running a free Internet promotion to entice uptake and usage of mobile data.  Subscribers get 30Mb of free access to their favorite Internet sites or apps including:

  • Browse through or post photos and status updates on their social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Read news and entertainment sites (Rappler, CNN, and the like)
  • Stream music through the likes of Spinnr
  • Shop online (Zalora, Lazada, eBay, Amazon, etc.)
  • Search for information (Google, Wikipedia, Yahoo!, etc.)
  • Send and receive emails (Gmail, Yahoo! Mail)

The service is limited and streaming video (Youtube), VoIP, messaging (WhatsApp) and P2P are all prohibited on the service.  The promotion includes all-you-can-eat Facebook access even beyond the 30Mb free limitation.

Apart from offering distinctive promotions to entice new customers, Smart offer an array of digital lifestyle bundles each aimed at different segment.  A customer is required to download the PowerApp application to their phone and they are good to go.  The PowerApp acts as the store front for the different connectivity option and provides engagement directly with customers.  Some of the bundles include:

  • School Bundle – Facebook, Google Mail, Yahoo! Mail and Google Search @ 5 peso/day
  • Social Bundle – Facebook, Foursquare, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Path, Twitter, Waze @ 10 peso/24H
  • Email Bundle – Gmail, Yahoo! Mail,, Exchange @ 10 peso/24H
  • Chat Bundle - Chikka Messenger, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, Line, Oist!, Viber, WeChat, WhatsApp, Kakao, Bee Talk @ 10 peso/24H
  • Photo Bundle – Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, Regram, Imgur, Tumblr @ 10 peso/24H
  • All-day bundle – Unlimited access to all websites and mobile applications except Youtube and BitTorent @ 10 peso/24H

Alternatively, subscribers can get their daily fix of Facebook or WhatsApp or other favorite application with Smart’s “application day passes” @ 5 peso/day.

The Philippine mobile data market is populated by many price conscientious and astute consumers.  Smart’s answer is to provide them with choice and flexibility, while encouraging them to consume data and other services.  The PowerApp engagement model is a great way for the operator to stay front & center in the customers mind, driving/facilitating the customer’s digital experiences.   A big LIKE from EMI.

 More Here… [Smart]

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  1. It’s worth noting that the Philippines mobile market is also a duopoly. It’s far from clear that many of these propositions would exist if the regulators & government took a serious commitment towards either competition, or the Open Internet. It would also be interesting to know what impact this has in terms of encouraging greater use of WiFi, so that users can access “blocked” applications. My suspicion is that price-conscious consumers will learn all sorts of clever tricks, such as scanning back & forth on Google Maps on WiFi to download a city’s worth of maps in advance, then just using GPS to work out their location.

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