neversettle: T-Mobile the Uncarrier does it again!!

neversettle: T-Mobile the Uncarrier does it again!!

T-Mobile's neversettle antit- Verizon camapign
neversettle for Verizon says we feel your pain!

T-Mobile has firmly earned the distinction of being poster child for a new, ever-evolving, consumer-centric breed of Digital Service Providers.  T-Mobile’s latest neversettle campaign has been cleverly devised to put Verizon under pressure and convince customers to abandon the Verizon ship.  They are saying – we feel your pain!

The campaign continues the T-Mobile trajectory of “taking the BS out of the telecom operator market”, but what is really interesting is how it attacks all aspects of Verizon’s customer experience.  Here is this list of T-Mobile’s allegations, I have taken the liberty of adding a possible “Verizon customer” response.

  • Two-year contracts – What type of bureaucratic rubbish is this?
  • Overage charges – what do you mean I can’t watch my Netflix anymore this month without paying you more!
  • Slower LTE network – Slllooowww!
  • No WiFi calling – I want to use Wifi calling, you want let me! Why not?!!
  • Paying too much – even more money
  • Loosing unused data (not stash or rollover) – not fair play, I paid for it, it’s mine!!
  • Music eating up your data (no zero rating) – you don’t understand my digital lifestyle :-(
  • Roaming charges – Why do you want even more money when I already paid you, the airline, the hotel, the taxi, etc…
  • And the list goes on….. Hell, sign me up NOW!

 With the neversettle campaign, T-Mobile is poking fingers in all the customer experience pain points they can find – priceless!  T-Mobile’s sniper-like focus on customer experience is what has won them third spot.  They are breaking the mold and transforming their brand position not as a carrier, but as a trusted guru in their customers Digital Life. 

The success of the neversettle for Verizon campaign will demonstrate how much Verizon customers’ really care about these issues.  For most customers in this day and age, these are topics that will resonate with most us. 

More Here [T-Mobile]

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