Malaysia’s U-Mobile Zero-Rated Data for YouTube

Non-Stop Video Streaming Of Youtube & Tonton Zero-Rated Data Content

Zero-rated data for streaming video

U-Mobile zero-rated data for YouTube & Tonton

Malaysian operator U-Mobile announces a collaborative deal with YouTube and Tonton to offer mobile customers zero-rated streaming video. Customers will have to get up early in the morning (or stay up rather late ) to take advantage of this special offer as the service is only available from 2 AM till 10 AM.

Tonton is Malaysia’s local equivalent of Netflix providing both Hollywood titles and a strong selection of local content. Tonton claims over 4 million registered users.

The free promotion is currently available until the end of the calendar year. It seems to be a case of try before you buy. The zero-rated data video service will be available to customers from January 2005 for a monthly RM3 (just under $1).  The joint offering is clearly targeted at the 18 to 35-year-old segment, which is considered the prime segment for online TV and video streaming.   U-mobile has stated this unique product offering is part of the company’s vision to attract more mobile customers.

This is an interesting move by the Malaysian operator, essentially offering at bandwidth intensive service during off-peak times. Hoping to take advantage of an otherwise uncongested and relatively unused network to generate some additional revenue. Although this article strongly suggests a commercial relationship between U-Mobile and both YouTube and Tonton, they do not seem to be any commercial details available. It is not clear who will see the revenue from this zero-rated data collaboration.

  • The company’s collaboration with YouTube and Tonton represents the telco’s initiative to reach out to its target audiences, which are mainly youths and young executives – similar to the viewer demographics of both video platforms.
  • “We are glad to be partnering with YouTube as well as Tonton to bring this exciting product to the market. We certainly look forward to more fruitful collaborations with both companies, as well as other internet-based platforms in the near future to strengthen our foothold as a strong and innovative data-centric player in the market,” .. said Jasmine Lee, Chief Marketing Officer of U Mobile Sdn Bhd.

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