Everything has its price, even unlimited data

Everything has its price, even unlimited data

Comcast to provide unlimited data
Comcast is set to test unlimited data waiver in Florida

Comcast, the largest US fixed line Internet provider has put a price on unlimited data and its only $30!  Comcast’s fixed broadband offerings currently costs between $34.99 and $54.99 depending on speed.  They have been talking for a while now about implementing a usage-based billing model across the nationwide, over the next few years.

Comcast, through its Xfinity’s Internet, began testing usage-based billing in a handful of cities in 2012. But beginning October 1, customers in three of those areas — Fort Lauderdale, the Keys and Miami — will be able to opt for a flat-rate plan instead of facing overage charges.  The Florida customers that will soon get the unlimited data option are currently charged if they exceed 300GB in one month — $10 for every 50GB.

Comcast said a survey showed 60 percent of the Florida customers were interested in paying a bigger flat rate for unlimited data, though only about 8 percent use more than 300GB.

Just last month it was reported (here) that Comcast data caps are a cash grab and not an engineering necessity as generally claimed.  This is based on a remark that a Comcast engineer let slip.

The data cap also put Comcast and the FCC on a collision course, once again.  It was reported here (StopTheCap) earlier this year that the FCC would get serious about data caps if they were rolled-out nationwide.  Interesting to see what the FCC reaction will be to $30 unlimited data, essentially a $30 data cap waiver.  Will this sit well with the folks at Stop the Cap?  It is effectively stopping the cap, just need to pay a little more.

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