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digital customer engagement fail
What happens if you don't engage customers properly in the Age of Digital?
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What can the maxis outcry teach Telcos about Digital Customer Engagement?

The operator Maxis Malaysia created a big scandal and they angered more than a 1000 loyal customers! All because of a bad digital customer engagement campaign and response to it.

What makes Digital Customer Engagement so different from what’s come before, just take a look at what happened to maxis in Malaysia over the last few days.  A social media furor has created a nightmare for the operator. Digital customer engagement teaches marketers to segment and profile customers based on their preferences.  What happened to Maxis was a result of using a bad segmentation to base their engagement on.  Apparently, they were not aware of the fact that their individualized offers did not reach the right people and others were extremely angered for not getting the offers.  Personalized marketing nightmare!

The social media furor was created over Maxis “special treatment” of customers. The operator offered certain users cheaper mobile plans the targeting was contested and the result was that the operator introduced upgraded data packages to all Maxis One plan users for the same price starting later this month.

The telco came under fire last month after a disgruntled Maxis customer of 10 years posted on an online forum claiming that his friend had been offered a significantly cheaper postpaid mobile plan. When he confronted the telco’s customer service helpline, he was informed that his friend was part of a “selected customer group”, which irked him further.

He also revealed that Maxis has special offers for users in east Malaysia, prompting a social media outcry that the telco was offering tailored plans for specific users and treating loyal customers poorly. When the post went viral, Maxis took to Facebook to describe the issue as “exaggerated”, saying the offer “does not exist in the way it was described”.

The telco defended itself by explaining that it runs targeted campaigns based on factors such as tenure, types of services used and payment history to ensure customers try the various services and plans. To appease customers, Maxis also announced that all One plan postpaid users, both existing and new customers, will automatically receive 3GB of data for free starting next week.

In a video posted on the telco’s official Facebook page, CEO Morten Lundal and head of consumer business Dushyanthan Vaithiyanathan apologized for treating individual customers differently. Before the engagement fiasco, the telco was accused of not offering enough data (as its competitors)

According to the Telco, while they were developing the extra data plans they offered some individual customers special plans. This angered some of the customers and it also didn’t fit with the company’s commitment to fairness and transparency. “So, we were late in responding to you, and we treated individual customers differently and for that, we’re sorry,” he said.

Maxis’s new plans compared to other Telcos:

RM 3GB 4GB 5GB 7GB 8GB 10GB 12GB 14GB 16GB 20GB
Maxis 98 128 158 188
Digi 68 78 98 148 238
Celcom 45 80 100
U Mobile 28 50 70


This case demonstrates how essential it is to be transparent and communicate well in the age of Digital Customer Engagement2016.04.12_2

Sample of complaints

  • Bye Maxis for letting me know how stupid am I this 10 year and how expensive you are.
  • There is special promotion for Sabah & Sarawak Maxis customer with RM30 discount on plan / 2GB extra data I don’t know which one is true
  • No wonder Maxis boss can always remain at Malaysia top 3 richest man because there is too much “Water Fish” like us give donation to him.
  • This is my main line plan – RM 188 monthly + 7GB Data + Unlimited Calls & Sms + No Contract, VSRM 68 monthly + 7GB Data + Unlimited Calls & SMS + No Contract (My friend plan) – NOT FAIR!
  • Hi guys.. I never expect this thread will gone viral.. and after hearing from my friend I came back and have a look on this thread again.. Maxis, Thanks for responding to the thread but please let me know which part am I exaggerated? Is it the part I said “Water Fish” ? That time I tried to call more than 3 times to 123 to request the so called invitation only offer, and they rejected. I also questioned is it because I need to port out only I can get the offer? They saying no.. It’s all based on their system how they select loyalty customer to offer this awesome plan.

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