Celcom Malaysia Launches OTT Ecosystem

OTT Ecosystem Celcom Malayasia
Celcom launch OTT ecosystem with partners
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Celcom has partnered to create an OTT ecosystem

By building an OTT ecosystem Celcom Malaysia is taking the road less travelled lately. Celcom is one of Malaysia’s ‘Big Three’ mobile operators, the launch of its three new over-the-top (OTT) services carries one simple message: “We don’t want to be a dumb pipe.”

According to the chief of sales and marketing officer Zalman Aefendy Zainal Abidin, the OTT services will also help the company be more relevant in the future. Celcom’s goal is to elevate customers’ digital experience. Their OTT ecosystem will all also feature secure login, safe transactions, and complete control over personal information as additional security measures.

“Today, consumer demand for data is not for the sake of data, it is because they want to consume different types of content – music, video, games, messaging, etc.,” he said at the launch of the three new services in Kuala Lumpur yesterday (March 30).

“We feel that as a telecommunications company, we really need to complete the ecosystem for our customers”. To Celcom Malaysia it’s not just about us delivering the network that gives people access – they want to make sure they are part of the OTT ecosystem that delivers content their customers are streaming, downloading or consuming.

The launch of the OTT ecosystem is Celcom’s latest innovation however they have already Tied up with SK Telecom’s e-commerce subsidiary to launch the 11street e-commerce portal in Malaysia, and partnered New York-based Yonder Music Inc. to bring digital music services to its subscribers. It also signed a deal with video-on-demand service iflix and recently launched a Malay-language mobile web miniseries.

OTT  Ecosystem Launched

Game Store is a mobile gaming portal that hosts about 1,000 games, some can be purchased and downloaded, while others will be bundled on a subscription basis. For example, users can get access to a suite of sports-related games for a weekly fee of RM4 (US$1). There is also a ranking system, where the higher the player’s rank is, the more privileges he/she will get. This also includes the chance to win prizes like limited edition controllers, games, and more.

The Big Win is a contest portal that lets customers join secure and legitimate contests. As the site’s name suggest, customers will be able to win prizes from the many different types of games available like trivia, treasure hunts, board games, and more. To prove the site’s legitimacy, Celcom gave away a gold bar to the site’s first “Dig For Gold” winner.

emomi365 is a portal that offers various digital products and content like music, applications, videos, games and others for special celebrations and occasions throughout the year. Currently, it has over 140 content providers on board.

The three OTT services, if successful, should help Celcom grow its revenue and average revenue per user (ARPU). However, Shazalli said there is a bigger picture.  According to Celcom Malaysia, there used to be a lot of content providers which struggled after the previous Value Added System (VAS) platform became irrelevant because of the alternative app stores platforms. They want to bring back the small OTTs and try to be another platform where these content providers – which sold content like stickers and ringtones during the days of feature phones, can come back and sell on the digital platform. The emomi365 system is able to handle hundreds of thousands of content providers, they are ready and waiting for them.

The portals are already up and running, to learn more about them, you can go to emomi365 and Big Win’s official websites. As for the Celcom Game Store, you may follow this link, but it’s only accessible from a mobile device.

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