C spire sets data caps rolling


C Spire Wireless, the no.6 wireless operator in the US (~1.2M subs) has just launched a new “rolling data” plan concept in time for the festive season.

data caps set rolling

c spire introduces rolling data caps

The plan is a considerably innovative take on the traditional data cap.  The basic tenant is that the plan enables subscribers to “roll-over” any unused data from one month to the next.

Rolling Data Caps – 3 Flavors

  • $40/month will get you 2GB Data/ month with a roll-over of up to 2GB to next month
  • $55/month will get you 4GB Data/ month with a roll-over of up to 4GB to next month
  • $65/month will get you 6GB Data/ month with a roll-over of up to 6GB to next month

If I understand it correctly, any data the subscriber doesn’t use gets rolled over and added to the cap for the next month.  There seems to be a limit of up to double the subscriber’s cap on the roll-over.  So if a subscriber has a 4Gb Data plan and uses only 3Gb, they start the next month with a 5Gb cap.

C spire makes it clear they don’t care what type of data subscribers use on each plan, though they do make recommendations to which digital lifestyle is suited to each plan.

  • Data is data…. We’re keeping it simple. Never worry about what kind of data you’re using. Video streaming, web surfing, music streaming – they’re all the same. 573MB of streaming football highlights will come off your total the same as 573MB of Facebook photos. The data provided by your plan is yours to do with as you please. Just don’t forget—those streaming videos go through data quickly!

C spire has in place an “Automatic Data Overage Protection” that will notify subscribers when they have 20% remaining on the monthly data cap.

C spire make it easy to fill up on data if required with “Data Top Up Passes”

Rolling data caps top up

c spire top up for data caps

  • Data Top Up Passes allow you to purchase more data whenever you need it. In a heavy month, instead of charging overages, we give you the option to purchase an inexpensive Data Top Up Pass.

A nice bonus is that whatever data isn’t utilized in that month also gets rolled over into the next.  The idea is that subscribers can squeeze the last drop out of their data plan.  This is undoubtedly a long overdue and refreshing facelift for the aging data cap.  It may however, prove just a bit too complex for those subscribers that are already experiencing bewilderment at trying to understand their data usage.

More Here… [cspire]

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