The battle lines have been drawn in US data price war

Shots fired between the country’s no.3 and no. 4 carriers – Sprint and T-Mobile data price waras data price war continues to heat up.  Aggressive pricing and one-upmanship latest tactics….

The article linked below contains some great tips for those thinking about a move

  • The price you pay for mobile service should be only one factor. Coverage may also be an important factor – more likely to get high-speed data service with AT&T and Verizon, especially in rural areas
  • Individual – Verizon and Sprint have great prices for individuals, who typically need 2 gigabytes of data per month.
  • Couples – Sprint has the best deal for two-line plans that offer 4 gigabytes to share. It’s $90 a month if you buy or bring your phone.
  • Family of four – Sprint is able to offer a good deal here — not on price, but on the amount of data it offers.

The article then goes on to compare carriers base on plans for individuals, couples and plans for a family of four.  The bottom line seems to be that it is quite complicated and there is not necessarily a clear choice – well no surprise there.

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