Verizon drops data pricing, but still double charging?

Verizon drops data pricing but won’t acknowledge the elephant in the room: subsidies – Kevin Fitchard @ GigaOM:verizon monthly

  • Verizon is dropping prices for customers on its Edge upgrade program, and lowering prices for its shared data plans. But unless you’re on Edge, it is not eliminating device subsidy costs from its plans for customers who have finished their contracts or paid the full cost of their devices.
  • If you’re a regular contract Verizon customer on a shared data plan, though, these plans will either save you money or give you a lot more data to play with.
  • All plans will now come with unlimited international texting, and every line will get a 25 GBs of cloud storage (up from 5 GBs).

But as I’ve said in the past, Edge actually double charges you as customers pay both a monthly device installment cost as well as device subsidy fees hidden in their phone bills. A $10 discount might seem like a deal, but given that device subsidy fee is usually around $15 to $20 in your monthly, Verizon is still taking advantage of its customers in the upgrade plan.verizon new program

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