Airtel Trybes – A glimpse of the future

Looks like just like me, the marketing folks at Airtel in Nigeria are Seth Godin fans.  Airtel have unveiled a new offering “Airtel Trybes”.  Airtel Trybes is a unique bundled of services designed to cater for the needs of lifestyle or tribe.  In this particular case, the Airtel Trybes is aimed at the youth market segment in Nigeria.

Airtel Trybes has all the ingredients for success

Airtel Trybes articulates a common laguage

  • Airtel Trybe is enhanced with features which offer youths the experience and benefits of staying connected to families, friends and their loved ones at all times and it also offers additional opportunities to customers for deriving maximum benefits from voice calls, SMS and data for social media platforms at affordable rates.

Airtel Trybes has all the key ingredients

This is a brilliant move by the operator.  It is a marketing program designed to focus on the digital lifestyle of a well-defined segment (or Trybe) and speak to them in their own language.   Pay attention to language used in the following quote.  This is has all the key ingredients for success: Lifestyle, Engagement, Personalization and Loyalty

  • The company’s Chief Commercial Officer, Mr. Maurice Newa, said, “Airtel realises the yearning of customers, especially the youths, to always stay online and remain connected to their loved ones, friends and associates. So with Airtel Trybe, a platform which not only offers affordable call and SMS rates, but also comes with huge attractive data plans, we have shown that we clearly and deeply care about providing opportunities for our customers to enjoy every moment on our network.”

Here is the realization by an operator that customer loyalty (to carrier) is long gone.  Airtel Trybes leverages tribe loyalty and identification.  A tribe member will look at this offer and think “these guy really understand me/us”.  There is no thought as to how many gigs or minutes or other artificial units of measurement – it is all about how subscribers see themselves and what tribe, group or team the wish to identify with.    Airtel is prepared to engage their customers on the level and in a language they feel comfortable with.

As Seth says… The modern tribe quite simply says, “you are welcome here, we like you, people like us are part of a thing like this, we’ll watch your back.”

Surely this is the future for Digital Providers. Kudos Airtel Nigeria!!

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