4G Data Plans Squeezing Singaporeans


4G plans in Singapore are changing telcos’ game

  • SingTel, StarHub and M1 recently reported that between 54 per cent and 58 per cent 2014 Aug 20of all their postpaid mobile subscribers are on tiered data plans, most of which are 4G ones.  These 4G data plans come with data usage capped at as low as 100MB, depending on price tiers
  • As a double whammy, all telcos have nearly doubled the rates for excess mobile data use since January. SingTel and M1 charge S$10.70 (US$8.59) for each extra gigabyte (GB), capped at S$188 (US$150.96) a month, while StarHub charges S$8.56 (US$6.87) per GB, capped at S$85.60 (US$68.74) a month.
  • Meanwhile, the faster 4G network is letting people download more data, making it harder not to use more of their allowance.
PDP – Looks like the carriers in Singapore are making the utmost effort to squeeze the most out of their 4G data plans.  I would say this approach will have a limited shelf life.  Users will eventually change their habits.  Either they will search out the nearest WiFi hotspot or they will simply download less.  Both outcomes are lose/lose for the operators.  
More Here… [asianewsnet]
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